You take care of your family. The high standard of protection against noise, burglary and the exceptional tightness of Tisser windows will make your loved ones feel comfortable and safe in their own house.

You are saving money. The thermal insulation parameters of the system guarantee a quick return on investment. You save not only on heating in winter (lower costs) but also on the price of the air-conditioning in summer.

· Three thermal and acoustic insulation standards to choose from
· Real savings that guarantee a quick return on investment
· Favourable financing in installments




It makes the energy-saving window fulfill its function with no energy losses in critical connection points.


The windows are certainly one of the most important elements in the arrangement of a building – both externally and interiorly. That is why energy efficiency and aesthetic values need to go hand in hand.

By using the innovative Tisserlink thin welding technology – without flashing – the profile joint is so precise, that it is practically invisible.

The window gains a perfect look and even better functionality. The perfectly smooth surface of the profile is extremely durable and easy to keep clean.

What are the advantages of Tisserlink technology?

When welding of the profiles is done using the traditional techniques, the excess of molten plastic at the place of joining creates an unsightly flash. After removing it by mining or grinding, the window’s appearance may significantly differ from the perfection expected by the client.

When it comes to veneer windows, a wide weld is particularly unaesthetic, because the colour and finish significantly differ from the profile’s veneer colour. But that is not the only flaw of this solution. On the surface of a wide weld, any dirt or soil can gather much faster, which make it more difficult to clean, due to the rough edges on the corner.

The Tisserlink technology means:

– the precise joining of the profiles, because of innovative technology of shape welding
– an invisible weld – unprecedented window aesthetics
– the highest quality and durability of profile connections
– the perfect sealing of the gaskets guarantees the highest integrity by maintaining flexibility
– unlimited architectural possibilities – full freedom to choose a window finish
– unchanged aesthetic values, even after many years of use.


Are you an interior designer or an architect? Is it you who creates a special atmosphere and a beautiful appearance of your home? Then TISSER windows are for you. This is a unique system with incredible arrangement options. It has a rich pallet of decorative fittings, veneers and overlays.

A range of 40 colourful veneers and an unlimited range of aluminium overlays / consistent design of all elements (window sills, blinds).
Complex solutions for the whole house – windows, front doors, blinds, gates.
A system of hidden hinges for easy frame care.
Special construction solutions for kitchen windows.

A perfectly smooth, satin surface of the Tisser Rainbow windows is both an effective barrier to external factors, such as sun or hail, and it gives the windows an elegant look and guarantees the colour durability for years to come. The coloured coating made of acrylic glass is twice as hard as PVC, from which the common white windows are made, and has excellent functional characteristics.


The choice of technologically advanced solutions is the best investment in the future. You can be sure that the TISSER windows will serve future generations.
Sleep well, kids! The TISSER windows shall protect you in your sleep against cold, heat or noise. Their fabulous colouring of interior veneers will make you wake up in your dream room, which is full of light…

Fun is a serious matter. If you break a window during some careless fun, the TISSER Kidssystem will protect you from injury. These windows are made of tempered glass, which shall break into small pieces with blunt edges.

Once it gets too warm and you feel like opening the window – TISSER Easy will let you do it without climbing a chair or a window sill. The system of opening or cracking the window from a low height, thanks to the position of the handle on the horizontal side of the wing, will make life easier for children and people with disabilities.


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