Modern architecture,
highest durability
and resilience

Our aluminium joinery can be characterised with exceptional durability. We pay special attention to the quality of the finish. Our machine park, the „dark horse” of which is a five-axis machining centre with the possibility for sawing, alongside the qualified staff, make even the impossible – possible.

Our assortment of aluminium joinery includes:

  • window-doorsystems
  • sliding systems
  • centrefold systems
  • facade systems
  • winter gardens and roof skylights
  • special designs

Tisser Alu

Odporność na włamanie
Burglary resistance
The use of the multi-chamber, thermo-insulated profiles, panes fillings in P4A and P5A class and fittings created for structures with an increased burglary resistance allow us to manufacture doors and windows with RC 2 and RC 3 levels of resistance.
Odporność ogniowa
Fire resistance
We manufacture fire-resistant windows, doors and barriers with fire resistance El130, El60 and El120. The products from the fire protection classes passed the necessary clearance tests and have certificates for use, both in residential and commercial buildings.
Bogata kolorystyka
Rich colours
In addition to a wide range of colours from the RAL palette, we offer an option to coat the elements with matte or imitating wood structure varnishes. We also offer the use of paints for the structural facade, which have increased mechanical strength.
Wysoka izolacyjność
High insulation
We achieve high insulation parameters through the use of modern profiles with technologically advanced thermal breaks. For the most demanding customers, we offer profiles with thermo-insulated inserts and spacers mounted around the glass. The use of modern solutions allows us to meet the highest thermal parameters required in a passive construction.
The use of multi-chamber profiles and expansion joints enables the creation of tall structures, while maintaining the stability and resistance to bimetallic strains, as seen in wide window leaf profiles.
Systemy okienno-drzwiowe

Window-and-door systems

They enable the construction of various types of windows and doors, depending on the purpose, functionality, thermal insulation, aesthetics, burglary, smoke and fire resistance.

We produce aluminium constructions for inside use (with no thermal insulation), as well as ones based on the thermally insulated profile (including „HI” versions with special chamber filling inserts).

Systemy przesuwne

Sliding systems

We offer a wide range of window and door sliding systems with:

  •  increased thermal insulation;
  • various number of lights;
  • indoor usage;
  • sliding and lift-and-slide doors;
  • cost-efficient systems with no thermal insulation.
Ogrody zimowe

Winter gardens

Each and every structure is designed individually, taking into account the snow and wind intensity zone of a given location. A properly designed winter garden allows to get perfect sun exposure and to build a welcoming space.

Facade systems

They are used to construct glazed building facades. What is more, the facade system allows the construction of many spatial structures, including roof glazings.

Systemy przeciwpożarowe

Fire protection systems

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we also offer various types of structures with an increased fire resistance class. Our offer includes:

  • window and door systems in fire resistance classes from El15 to El120;
  • smoke exhaust windows;
  • smoke-resistant doors;
  • fire-resistant mullion and transom facades.
Konstrukcje specjalne

Custom constructions

Unusual constructions, which do not belong to the systems above, but are imagined by our clients.

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