for the most demanding

Osmose is the perfect solution for passive, energy
efficient houses, and for your home! You save during
winter (up to 50% of annual heating costs, calculations for
the area of a typical single family house), and during the
summer you can limit the costs of air conditioning.

Savings throughout the years also come from
durability calculated for 50 years! The seamless
structure and surface of the profiles make the windows
resistant to the effects of stron winds and extreme

Increased anti-burglary protection thanks to a set of
dedicated solutions in the construction of the TISSER
Protect windows, anti-break-in fittings and shutters.

Maximum tightness – it means not only savings on
heating costs thanks to three seals, but also full resistance
to water, even during strong wind pressure. Such tightly
sealed windows guarantee excellent insulation even in a
house located near a very busy street.

Modern, market pioneering design provides unlimited
possibilities of adapting the joinery to the building’s style.
Ability to manufacture windows in 360° technology,
colored grey.

Tisser Link - twice the seal surface, which also
gives the product exceptional aesthetic values
Steel enclosed in the frame
Steel in the wing 2mm
A well thought out, 6-chambered frame, wing
and pillar construction ensures excellent thermal
and acoustic insulation
An intelligent seal placement system
in 3 layers results in increased thermal
Hoppe Secustic
Specially insulating seal in the closed glass area


Other models from the Tisser collection

Projekt: „Wdrożenie na rynek innowacyjnej technologii w zakresie produkcji okien PCV o poprawionych parametrach” – realizowany w ramach programu operacyjnego Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego – Inteligenty Rozwój na lata 2014-2020.


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