Tisser Link – the think welding technology

Modern windows mean functionality and excellent thermal insulation for years, because of the use of new technologies and energy-saving materials. But it is not all. The windows are certainly one of the most important elements in building arrangements – both for the facade and the interior.

This is why, alongside energy efficiency, we care so much for the highest aesthetics. The window veneers faithfully imitate the wood or painted aluminium structures, which are offered by many of the window manufacturers. But, as it is said, „the devil is in the detail”.

When welding of the profiles is done using the traditional techniques, the excess of molten plastic at the place of joining creates an unsightly flash. After removing it by mining or grinding, the window’s appearance may significantly differ from the perfection expected by the client. When it comes to veneer windows, a wide weld is particularly unaesthetic, because both the colour and finish significantly differ from the profile’s veneer colour. But that is not the only flaw of this solution. On the surface of a wide weld, any dirt or soil can gather much faster, which makes the area more difficult to clean, due to the rough edges on the corner.


For all of those, for whom even the slightest detail is of great importance. Both for the demanding clients and prestigious investors, but also architects looking for an extra-standard solution, Tisser is creating unlimited possibilities of constructing an arrangement of windows of any colour and finish.

The Tisser window factory in MiędzyrzecPodlaski, launched at the beginning of the year, had been equipped with the latest technology production lines, which shall establish a new standard in precision, aesthetics and quality of window and door joinery.

When using the innovative Tisserlink thin welding technology – without flashing – the created profile joint is so precise, that it is practically invisible. The window attains a perfect look and even better functionality. The perfectly smooth surface of the profile is extremely durable and easy to keep clean.

– the precise joining of the profiles, because of an innovative technology of shape welding
– an invisible weld – unprecedented window aesthetics
– the highest quality and durability of profile connections
– perfect sealing of the gaskets, which guarantee the highest integrity by maintained flexibility
– unlimited architectural possibilities – full freedom in choosing a window finish
– unchanged aesthetic values, even after many years of use.

Project: „Implementation of innovative technology in the production of PVC windows with improved parameters” – implemented under the European Regional Development Fund –Smart Growth for years 2014-2020.

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