We received the polish award of intelligent development

Witold Michalak – the visionary chairman

We are delighted to inform you that WitoldMichalak – the chairman of Vito Polska Sp. z. o. o. – has been nominated for the 2018 Polish Intelligent Development Award, under the patronage of the President of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland – Dr AlicjaAdamczak. The category was „visionary president” for the project entitled „The implementation of innovative technologies in the production of PVC windows with improved parameters”.

The project was implemented as a part of the operational program „Smart growth for years 2012-2022”. The task concerned the implementation of the innovative technologies in the production of PVC windows, based on the technique of profile welding, with no occurrence of material deflections. The result of using this technology is a PVC window with improved parameters and additional functional and utility attributes. It uses solutions previously unavailable in the alternatives. It is characterised by exceptional aesthetics and a wide spectrum of architectural purpose.

Vito Polska started producing windows with the improved parameters using the innovative Tisserlink technology in January 2018. They are manufactured in a newly built, 2.5 thousand square metres production hall in MiędzyrzecPodlaski.

The technology implemented by Vito – Tisserlink – is an innovative shape-welding technology, which helps with the precise connection of profiles. Because of the invisible welding, you get unprecedented aesthetics of the window, characterised by the highest quality, durability and integrity. The complete freedom in choosing the details of the window gives the product unlimited visual possibilities and makes the aesthetic values remain unchanged, even after many years of use.

The Polish Intellectual Development Award is a nationwide commendation, appreciating the most innovative projects implemented under the EU and national programs by the Polish research complexes, facilities and companies involved in research and development. Through their innovative investments and solutions, they contribute towards the sustainable development of Poland.

About Vito Polska:

Vito Polska is one of the main producers of PVC and aluminium windows. The company is also a distributor of front and garage doors in Poland. Vito Polska sells its products in many European countries, such as Denmark, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden and Italy. As one of the few companies in Poland, Vito Polska also offers original, branded solutions. In 2011, the company created the Tisser brand, which consists of three production lines: ECO, OSMOSE and NEXUS, which are precisely tailored to the needs of customers. Because of the innovative Tisserlink shape welding technology, the Vito Polska products can not only be associated with advanced solutions for energy-saving, but also with the maximum precision and unique aesthetics. The windows produced by Vito Polska meet the highest quality standards and are eco-friendly.

The company is also the founder of the Vito Extreme project – a series of free meetings for travellers, journalists and influential bloggers, who demonstrate how to live a life with passion and make dreams come true. The past meetings, which took place in Łosice and Siedlce, included such personalities as Krzysztof Wielicki, Monika Witkowska or Tomek Michniewicz.
The company is also a sponsor of the expedition to Mt. Everest of MiłkaRaulin, who in May of this year was the youngest Polish woman in history to conquer the summit.

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